If you're not mentally ready;
then you can physically forget about it.




My 47th birthday present to myself this year was 12 training sessions with Malik Ali. I walked into the gym pessimistic. I have had a lot of personal trainers throughout the years and most were mediocre to say the least. I always found myself handling the trainer vs. the trainer handling me. I would bat my eyes, whine and cry, but Malik was not having it from day one. I become bored very easily, but Malik kept every workout different and fun; challenging me at every turn. He made training fun! I spent many days working out wanting to just hit or kick him and I did think he was trying to kill me, but I always walked away feeling a sense of accomplishment, “I did that” moments. His specialized workout regimen & challenging yet achievable goals were hard work, but the key word is achievable.

Malik’s extensive knowledge, enthusiastic commitment and professionalism are a great part of his success. He challenged me to do things I didn’t believe I could do. Malik kept me focused, inspired and determined. When I fell off, and I did, he always had something to say to help me refocus. He is excellent at what he does, informative, supportive and accessible. I even called him while on dates to see what I could eat! By helping me reach my health/fitness goals & change my body, Malik Ali has helped me change my life! Now I’m in an incredible place, I’m at a size I haven’t seen since 29! I look and feel amazing, my confidence is on blast and I am off the medications I was taking for HBP and Cholesterol! From our first workout, Feb 1, 2014 I am down 46lbs. I am running again which is a love of mine from my youth and of which I gave up over 26 yrs ago. Malik Ali is the best trainer and last trainer I will ever work with, why would I need to look for another when I am already working with the best? Malik has me looking forward to being 50, clearly I will look amazing!



I became a client of Malik “Body Bangout” Ali on Feb 2nd 2014. When I started training with him I weighed 320lbs. What I appreciate most about the whole “Body Bangout” experience is that before we worked out at all; our first session was about him designing a meal plan specifically for ME in order to obtain the goals I was trying to achieve. I showed him a picture of what I wanted to look like and he went to work formulating my meal plan. This plan boosted my metabolism, helped me lose weight quickly while retaining muscle mass. He taught me that I had been eating the wrong foods, wrong portions of certain foods and not eating often enough throughout the day in order to lose weight and retain muscle. Once I started on Malik’s eating plan and training with him I lost an average of 3lbs. a week.

Focusing on the meal plan and getting through the workouts required dedication and hard work but the results I got when I weighed in were remarkable. Currently, I still lose about 3lbs. a week and have not lost muscle due to me sticking to my meal and workout plan.There has been two occasions of which I did not meet my regular 3lb. weight loss and Malik immediately adjusted my eating or training plans. The following weeks after the adjustments, I was back on track with my usual weight loss. Perhaps, the most important aspect of the “Body Bangout” experience is that during this process, there have been times when I felt “burnt out” and not motivated to continue training and sticking to my meal plan, when this occurs Malik immediately steps in and continues to keep me motivated and gives me the extra push that I need to keep focused and stay on track. He goes the extra mile with me and literally will not let me give up, fall off or slack off. His words of encouragement have gotten me through MANY mornings when I didn’t feel like I had it in me to push through my training session. Because of Malik’s dedication, motivation and commitment to his clients I have now lost 78lbs. since February 2, 2014. And the amazing part of this all is that…we’re not even done BANGING OUT yet! More pictures and updates to come!



I’m 35 years old and the story of my life is up and down. As I look at my closet I have sizes of all ranges. My yearly routine consisted of diet pills, I would lose the weight, think I feel great, stop taking the diet pills and then gain the weight all back and then start the abusive cycle again. I was tired of it. This time I wanted to understand how to lose the weight properly and understand how my body worked. I joined Body Bangout boot camp with a friend who raved about it and thought to myself, what do I have to lose?

I was a little scared because I have been to classes where there’s 100 plus people, you don’t know if you’re doing the exercises correctly and you become frustrated and give up. Upon going to the class, I was shocked… smaller class with individual attention from day 1. I could not walk, I could barely move. Can anyone say hurt? That’s exactly what I was saying week one. By week 2-4 I started seeing the pounds literally fall off. My confidence increased, and my will and drive to want to go further grew week after week, it was simply amazing.

Malik “Body Bangout” Ali gave me knowledge by educating me on what’s good for the body and what’s not and what’s required to get there. I’m not going to say it was easy, what I am saying is that it was hard yet great because now I have the knowledge the power and understanding on how to live a better healthier life. I will cheat and indulge a little, but jump right back in. Thanks to my Body Bangout experience I’m over 35 pounds down. I look great, feel great and I’m not going back.



My name is Jessica and I started my healthy lifestyle journey with Malik in January of 2013. When I reached out to Malik I was suffering with depression, insomnia and was at my lowest point with respect to my self esteem. I had put on 30 pounds as I used food for comfort and needed help. Malik taught me how to eat properly and pushed me through workouts I thought I could never do. Initially, I couldn’t complete a full cardio workout for more than five minutes without being completely out of breathe.

Malik pushed me to my ultimate limit and I could recall him telling me when I felt like giving up to tell myself…”It’s nothing.” Amazingly, when I would work out alone, I would replay those words to myself so that I could push through my workouts as if though he were there. In four months, Malik helped me go from a size 12 weighing 145 pounds to now a size 4-5 weighing 120 pounds. As I lost the weight, I wanted to now tone up. Malik then taught me to maintain my weight, yet lose body fat which is no easy task.

In doing so, I went from 34% body fat to now 24% and working towards my goal of 18%. I not only feel confident with regard to my physical appearance, but mentally I am much stronger because through my workouts with Malik and his constant encouragement I learned that I can achieve anything as long as I put my mind to it.



My name is Scherrie; I’ve been working with Malik “Body Bangout” Ali since February 2014. I started at 284 lbs and I am currently 237 lbs and continually losing. Since I started working out with Malik my body has gone through some great changes. Malik gives you the mental and physical push to keep going. Physically he makes you push your body to the limit and in the beginning it may seem a bit overwhelming, but in the end your body will crave the work out and miss the “burn”.

Malik mentally puts you in the right mind set of what your body needs by letting you know what foods you should be eating and what is appropriate for your body type. I am completely satisfied with my progress and every day when I look in the mirror… I see how far I’ve come. I know the hard work I put in and the dedication Malik has to his work I have no choice but to “Bangout”!