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12 Meal Regimentation Rules to Follow

1. Never eat food and drink water at the same time (water dilutes the minerals and vitamin content from foods)

2. Everyone must eat at least 5 meals a day. (Regardless of whether you weigh 110 pounds and want to gain weight or 310 pounds and want to lose weight.)

3. Protein powders and drinks are considered a meal.

4. Once you complete a meal you must wait at least 2 hours before eating your next meal. (When you eat meals in the right increments as described in your diet, it takes a minimum of 2 hours for proper digestion. If you eat before the 2 hours has elapsed; the food from the next meal will be stored as fat)

5. Never wait longer than 3 hours to have a meal unless you are sleeping or working out. (Your body’s internal metabolism starts to slow down after 3 hours of inactivity and begins to horde fat. It goes into Survival or starvation mode)

6. Any meal can be switched with a meal from an earlier or later time frame. (The eating times must stay the same or within the guidelines)

7. Any food can be replaced with foods not listed in the diet. (Just remember to match the protein you’re replacing and stay within the carbs and fat limits)

8. The water scheduled in your diet MUST be followed precisely. (70% of muscle fiber is water, 25% protein)

9. Nothing should go in your mouth unless it has been verified to meet your gram requirements.

10. Do not assume the Grilled chicken breast or any meal on a restaurant menu is “clean.” (Clean is without butter/margarine, olive or cooking oils)

11. You must wait 1 hour before working out if the pre workout meal has protein in it.

12. A complete meal consists of a protein food and carbohydrate food. Vegetables may or may not be in the meal but you do have to eat a certain amount each day (25 grams minimum) to build up fiber and mineral content.



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